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  2. Avatar: The Legend of Korra book 3 slow motion shots

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I weep bcause I think I hardly ever read anything funnier






    I weep bcause I think I hardly ever read anything funnier



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  4. Life in general is pretty minimizing because you have a lot of big ideas and you have to battle the mistaken delusions and instability that come with youth. And then watching that just wither away as you become more of a realist is a harrowing experience for any human being. I just think you gotta have a good fucking attitude.

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  5. "No, they are not gone, not yet…"  Tamara thought. "They are right here in front of me, and I’ll save you Moms, before everything got wrong." 

    But she just couldn’t say this out loud, could she. If they knew the true, if they both knew she was their daughter, they would never let her do what needed to be done, they would never let her sacrifice herself. But she had to. She had to prevent the world to become what she knew would become with her mothers’ magic , and she needed to save her family.

    "I’m not from here…" She started trying to find the words to make them understand without letting them know the whole true. "This may sound crazy to you… or not, considering everything you’ve been through, but I’m from… some time in the future. I got a way back and I’m not letting magic do its damage this time."

    AU: Tamara is the daughter of Emma and Regina who traveled in time to destroy magic so she can prevent the events that killed both of her mothers and left her brother Henry completely lost. Totally based on this idea (x)

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  6. I’ve never met a girl who thinks like you.”

    "A lot of people tell me that," she said, digging at a cuticle. "But it’s the only way I know how to think. Seriously. I’m just telling you what I believe. It’s never crossed my mind that my way of thinking is different from other people’s. I’m not trying to be different. But when I speak out honestly, everybody thinks I’m kidding or playacting. When that happens, I feel like everything is such a pain.

    Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood (via girlinlondon)
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  7. The Disney Renaissance + concept art

    (The Golden EraThe Neoclassical EraThe Disney Revival)

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  8. And I learned ‘You deserve better’

    was sometimes no more

    than a synonym for ‘I don’t want to hurt you,

    and I want you to be happy,

    but I don’t love you anymore.’

    Beau Taplin, You Deserve Better  (via sexual-feelings)
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Delicate | by tuinkatjes | http://ift.tt/1tjJ5sS


    Delicate | by tuinkatjes | http://ift.tt/1tjJ5sS

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    Villains of the Renessaince Age (1989-1999)

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    Says the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming.

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    Classic Disney Story Book Introduction

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  14. lost girl s5 promo (x)
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